Maxim DL Settings for the AO-7

The settings are:
  • Aggressiveness: 7
  • Maximum Move: 5 Pixels (there is a max move-like parameter for CCDSoft, I think it is slew rate, and that depends on entering your scope focal length in the scope set-up, the help there is good)
  • Binning: 3 or 2

On the drive, I have been using a low activation level, that is I have the scope bump sooner rather than later. That is a personal preference. I use 25% (50% in ))CCDSoft((). This is just the amount of deflection that is allowed before the drive motors are engaged.

The next drive parameter is activation time. I generally bump for about 50% of the exposure time. For my last imaging run of M1, I was guiding at 0.4 seconds (enough time that blue could guide) and bumping for 20/100s of a second.

On the scope, the autoguide rates are set at 80% of sidereal. I have a moderate anti-backlash setting on declination, none on RA.

Correctly calibrating both the drive and the AO-7 is very important. Whenever I image, I calibrate both the drive and the AO at the image. I know I could use a declination offset, but I also rotate my camera to find guide stars and that would require re-calibration. So make sure you have good calibration results for both the drive an AO.

In the past I have had a problem when my aggressiveness or drive adjustment is too high, so in each case the AO corrects back and forth, or the scope moves too much during a guide exposure, and then does the same in the opposite direction.

I generally have RMS error rates (in pixels) from .1 to .3, with occasional moves to .4. I delay about 15 seconds between exposures for the guiding to settle down after an image download and a filter change.

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