Mounting a Tandem Bar on a CGE

Advice(external link) provide on the Yahoo! CGE Uncensored(external link) forum by Bud Guinn(external link).

I have been using the losmandy side by side since I received my
mount...couple years now.
You simply need to change the dec setting in the scope setup
area....and when you use one scope then change it back.
With two scopes...dec set at 000deg.
One scope set to 090deg. (factory setting)

Recent update(external link):

This is really very easy to do, and for me, works very well.
I use the Losmandy side by side saddle. It does interfere with the
knobs on the CGE so I ground them down a tad so that they would clear.
When you place your scopes on the mount....I usually have a C8" SCT
and an NP101 refractor. When the mount looks for the switches
position it will be pointing due west....THIS IS NORMAL.
Once you have let it find the switches simply choose "last
alignment"...don't worry you're not going to use it.
Now go to the scope setup>Mount Settings>Dec Switch...change the dec
setting to 0.0deg...exit out of the menus and cycle the power...now go
through and do a normal two star alignment...then the "cone"
alignment...and then the polar alignment.

So, when I change back to one scope, I
need to go to the scope setup and change the dec settings to 090deg.
and with two scopes dec to 0.0deg. With these settings it slews to
the align stars and is in the eyepiece of a 32mm.

I rarely ever do the initial two star alignment.....I usually always
choose "last alignment", I will still use two stars, but my method
always leaves me with my scope calibrated for the area of the sky I
want to image in.

I choose last alignment....then I choose a star on the way to the area
of the sky that my object is in...I stop, and do the "CGE -
Realignment". I then choose another star next to my object...slew to
it and replace the second alignment star...my mount is now aligned for
my first object of the evening, and it will always put the object on
the chip of my CCD. I also use the last star for my fine tuning of
the focus and making sure all of my tracking stuff is working with my
guide camera....also, this is an excellent time to open your pectools
and start the pec. The Pec has really made my mount very accurate in
its tracking.

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