Observatory Links

General Design

Engineering article(external link) on dome building.


Control by Web(external link)
Foster Systems(external link)
Computer Peripheral Systems(external link)
Pier Tech(external link) Automation. They also have piers, observatories, etc. Lots of stuff.
Lesve Dome(external link) low-cost dome automation.
Remote Control(external link) relays and controls


Lowes Grey Tile(external link) (Discontinued)
Lowes Black Tile(external link) (Discontinued)
You can also get edges and corners. Very cool.
Less expensive mats(external link) are available at Harbor Freight (Discontinued)
More at other stores.(external link) Very expensive shipping.
After some shopping, settled on Netfitco.com(external link). Final answer! Settled on half inch instead of 5/8.


Red rope light(external link) 18' only available in Home Depot Stores, about $10 Discontinued
Lowes Version(external link) is $33 for 12'.
Also interesting from a Google search a wide variety(external link) of rope lights, including 12 volt.
Here is another site(external link) with comprehensive info on rope lights.

Floor Seal between Pier and Floor

Pipe Wrap(external link) to seal space
Spray foam has been suggested
JAT used a mat(external link).

Sealing and venting

Carol's roof seal(external link).
Another Carol question with good answers on vents(external link).
Greenhouse supplies(external link).
A discussion of brush strips(external link).

Light Box

An idea(external link) from Cloudy Nights


Fiber optic cable(external link)
Multi-Mode(external link) media converters for fiber


USB over Cat-5(external link)
An awesome observing chair(external link)
Automated surveillance camera(external link)
Grommets(external link) for electrical wires (I think I prefer the round(external link) ones)

Weather / Monitoring

Advanced Weather Station Software(external link)

Rings, etc.

rings and more stuff(external link)

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