Aguanga Project List

Big Projects!


  1. Paint ceiling in hall bathroom

Near Term (sort of)

  1. Paint back bathroom
  2. Paint kitchen


What's next...


  1. Audio system
  2. Two coffee tables

Long Term

  1. Patio off of shop
  2. Remodel master bathroom
  3. Properly enclose the Sun porch


  1. New drip lines on hillside
  2. Water pressure in workshop
  3. Sprinkler in back yard
  4. Drip line on north side tree
  5. Remove brush from around house, limb up trees
  6. Remove debris from around property
  7. Fixed gas line to living room
  8. Wrapped more piping around the house
  9. Fix leaky valve in line #4 of yard irrigation — replaced all valves in yard
  10. Replace pop-ups with rain birds on hill side — Rain birds that work! — Will redo all irrigation
  11. Finish gas line work — Shop and line to barbecue — Done to shop, yard stubbed off
  12. Driveway drainage — driveway rebuilt!
  13. Clean garage (stage 1 complete)
  14. Remove shelving in garage
  15. Replace damaged insulation in garage and finish walls (looks beautiful!)
  16. Re-route water through fire tanks, new booster pump and pressure tanks
  17. Observatory 100% complete!
  18. Irrigation / Landscape
  19. PVC Irrigation
  20. Put additional shelving in garage
  21. Network hardwired into house

Maybe Never

  1. Seal floor of workshop

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