Connecting a TCF-S to a Televue NP-101

I wanted to confirm for you that I have successfully connected my ST-10 w/a CFW-8 to the NP-101 I bought from you back in November. I actually got this done several weeks ago, but am only writing about it now.

So you know, the parts needed are:

  • Optec's Televue adapter
  • The 3.5" Televue extender tube
  • Televue's 2" T-ring adapter

You need to remove the Televue focuser by loosening the set screw next to the scope and unscrewing the focuser assembly. The Optec adapter screws on the threads at the end of the scope. The 3" extender and the 2" T-ring adapter connect the camera to the scope, with the 2" t-ring adapter sliding so that you can get to rough focus. The whole thing is a as solid as a rock.

Thanks and clear skies

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